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Posted on: October 6th, 2011 by admin

Laundry is about more than machines.  It’s about helping people become who they want to be. It’s about helping them make an entrance, an impression, or an opportunity. Having clean clothes is a sign of confidence and dignity, independence and self-sufficiency. And Jetz is there to make sure your residents have the equipment, knowledge, and yes, clean clothes they need, when they need it.

Relationships Matter

Jetz has a long and successful history partnering with owners, property management companies, and college and university administrators to build and enhance their residents’ laundry experience. We make it easy by matching our knowledge and expertise with cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.

JETZ [is] extremely easy to work with. Service calls are always done on a very timely basis…Recently we completed the process of installing card readers on our machines, as well as LaundryAlert. We worked closely with JETZ to assure that this process was implemented. Things have gone very smoothly as we replaced machines and [made] these changes.


Our People

Our service isn’t just focused on washers and dryers - it’s focused on our customers. We train all of our people - technicians, accounting staff, and representatives - to respond quickly to your needs.

Our Service

Transparency builds trust and confidence - that is why Jetz consults with property owners, managers, and college and university administrators during the bid process for laundry services and equipment.

Innovative Solutions

Leveraging existing and future technologies to provide a better laundry experience for residents is key to creating ongoing customer value. At Jetz, we are always thinking of new ways to innovate the services we offer.