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Machine Help

Checking Laundry Status with KioSoft CleanAlert More >

To check laundry status with a Kiosoft smart card system, you must create a FREE account using the CleanPay system:

  1. Go to and click the “Register” button to create your free account.
  2. Fill out the registration form. Be sure to select your location when entering the ZIP code.
  3. Enter your Laundry Card number.
  4. Enter the Laundry Card CVC (the three or four smaller digits on your card).
  5. Enter your mobile phone number to receive SMS messages. You will receive a Verification code to enter into the form.
  6. Input the verification code and click “Register.”

When doing laundry with your registered smart card, you will receive text alerts when the load is complete.

Checking Laundry Status with WaveRider More >

  1. Use your computer to go to, or use the mobile app.
  2. Log into your account or select “New User.”
  3. Select your ZIP code from the drop down.
  4. Select your specific location and follow instructions.

WaveRider Card Systems More >

WaveRider card systems allow residents to activate and pay for laundry using their credit and/or debit cards. Before going to the laundry room, find out which machines are available and get notifications when your laundry cycle is complete.

How to Use WaveRider Card Payment System

  1. Insert credit and/or debit card into the card reader and quickly remove it.
  2. Wait for card authorization/approval.
  3. Select the type of cycle desired, and/or press START button to begin wash or dry.

Using a Debit Card?
Your Bank may place a HOLD on your account for an amount greater than the amount to purchase a load of laundry. This HOLD amount will be updated to reflect the actual transaction amount within 24-72 hours, depending on your bank’s policy. Questions regarding your bank’s policy on “accounts hold” should be directed to your bank. You will only be charged for the actual amount of laundry purchased.

Operating Instructions: Dryers More >

  1. CLEAN LINT FILTER prior to each use.
  2. Load clothes evenly and loosely. DO NOT OVERLOAD.
  3. Add Dryer sheets (if desired).
  4. Close Door and SELECT DRY CYCLE.
  5. Press START.

Note: Dryer will stop if door is opened after cycle begins. Reselect Cycle to continue.

Do not dry wool, rubber or plastics.
To avoid wrinkling of garments, remove clothes promptly at end of drying cycle.

General Drying Tips More >

  1. Remove the lint from the dryer lint screen before starting the dryer and at the end of the cycle.
  2. Do not overload the dryer. Large loads will not dry properly.
  3. Check clothing that you pretreated for stains. If the stain survived the wash, treat and wash again before setting in the stain with the heat of the dryer.
  4. Need more drying time? Please add the necessary funds and press the START button for an additional time.
  5. Do not attempt to dry wool, rubber or plastics.
  6. Remove and hang clothes as soon as possible to prevent wrinkles. Hang clothes, especially t-shirts, when slightly damp to pull wrinkles out. Spritz stubborn wrinkles with water or finishing spray. Be sure to set iron to your fabric’s setting.

General Washing Machine Tips More >

  1. Check all clothing tags for special washing instructions.
  2. Wash whites, colors and darks separately.
  3. Large loads will not dry properly. For optimal results, do not overload the machine. Load clothes evenly and loosely.
  4. On front load washers, only use 1/4 cup of detergent to prevent over-soaping. High-efficiency liquid detergents are highly recommended.
  5. If using laundry pods with a front load washer, place the pod in with your clothes and NOT in the detergent tray. To prevent soap residue when using pods; be sure to use pod with HOT water.
  6. Unscented liquid fabric softener is highly recommended and only requires 1/4 the amount recommended on the label.
  7. If the front load washer won’t start, make sure the door is fully closed and follow the instructions on the machine.
  8. Do not use dye in the machines.
  9. The washer door locks on front load washers when in use and will not open until all cycles are complete. However, to open the door mid-cycle: press and release the start button until the display reads 01; press start button once more and the machine will drain and unlock the door within 10 seconds.

Starting the Washer More >

Front load washers will automatically dispense detergent, bleach, and fabric softener at the right time. If using a top load washer, pour directly into the wash tub with clothes.

Adjust water temperature.

COLD for colors that might bleed, WARM to keep synthetic fabrics from going wrinkly, HOT for sturdy fabrics that need a sound cleaning.

Select your cycle. 

Press Start.

Operating Instructions: Washing Machines More >

  1. Load clothes evenly and loosely. DO NOT OVERLOAD.
  2. Add High Efficiency liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener (if desired). Laundry Pods should be placed directly in the wash tub. Regular liquid detergent may be used but only ¼ as much is needed.
    Note: Do not place pods in the soap dispenser.
  3. Close Door and SELECT WASH CYCLE.
  4. Press START. Do not open door after cycle begins.

For best results, remove clothes promptly after Wash Cycle. Use High Efficiency Detergent ONLY.