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Laundry Basics

Bleach More >

Bleach lets you keep your white clothes white, but be sure to check the clothing care tag before using bleach. There is regular bleach and then “Color Safe” bleach that may be used with some darker color garments.

Fabric Softener More >

Add liquid Fabric Softener to your wash or use a dryer sheet in the dryer to freshen and soften your clothes.¬†Typically unscented fabric softeners make more sense‚ÄĒscented liquid fabric softener leaves its odor and residue behind. If you must perfume your clothes, go with a dryer sheet.

Laundry Detergent More >

High Efficiency liquid laundry detergents (marked with “HE”) are specially designed to use less water, prevent excessive sudsing and are gentler on fabrics. While you may use regular laundry laundry detergent, only one-quarter (1/4) as much is needed, saving you money.

Laundry pods may be used, however they should be placed directly in the wash tub in front and top load washers.