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Residents may use Jetz laundry equipment by using one of the following payment options. Not all options are available at every location. Contact your property manager for more information on upgrading equipment for more convenient payment options.

  1. Coins
    Most Jetz laundry equipment will start using quarters. In cases where machines have been vandalized, this option may be disabled to provide greater safety and security for residents, and alternate methods of payment are accepted, such as credit/debit card systems or PayRange mobile payment.
  2. Debit and/or Credit Cards
    As an alternative to quarters, some Jetz washers and dryers accept payment using credit, debit or reloadable smart cards.
  3. Mobile-Activation
    PayRange is a mobile payment and activation method that uses a FREE downloadable app that is installed on the resident’s smartphone or device. When signing up for an account, the user will input their credit/debit card payment information that will create an electronic wallet for use with laundry machines and equipment.


Due to the mechanical nature of the industry, we realize that washers and dryers may malfunction. When this happens, please use the Jetz Service App to report the problem, and contact your local branch office to request a refund. The branch office phone number should be located on signage in the laundry room, or on the stickers identifying each machine.