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General Washing Machine Tips

July 4th, 2020
  1. Check all clothing tags for special washing instructions.
  2. Wash whites, colors and darks separately.
  3. Large loads will not dry properly. For optimal results, do not overload the machine. Load clothes evenly and loosely.
  4. On front load washers, only use 1/4 cup of detergent to prevent over-soaping. High-efficiency liquid detergents are highly recommended.
  5. If using laundry pods with a front load washer, place the pod in with your clothes and NOT in the detergent tray. To prevent soap residue when using pods; be sure to use pod with HOT water.
  6. Unscented liquid fabric softener is highly recommended and only requires 1/4 the amount recommended on the label.
  7. If the front load washer won’t start, make sure the door is fully closed and follow the instructions on the machine.
  8. Do not use dye in the machines.
  9. The washer door locks on front load washers when in use and will not open until all cycles are complete. However, to open the door mid-cycle: press and release the start button until the display reads 01; press start button once more and the machine will drain and unlock the door within 10 seconds.